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Humans can't be owned

A tyrant pays the price for his mistreatment of the women in his houseAs I mentioned in the previous blog, I'll be telling the story of Agnes, Friðrik and Sigríður as it was told by them in their witness testimonies. Their testimonies varied slightly, each to their own favor. I tried to stick to the parts they all agreed on. Some parts I leaned towards which sounded most logical or reliable.Friðrik was a known thief and a scoundrel. Although that doesn't make him a liar, it does make his testimony less reliable. When Sigríður had finished her testimony and was escorted out of the court, she crossed path with Agnes. She was heard tell Agnes to tell the truth, because that's what she did. Nonetheless, the discrepancies in all three testimonies were minor.The otherworldly parts of this story was told in the previous blog.On September 9th, 2017, a mock-trial was created to see what kind of a sentence the trio would have be charged with had it happened today. All the court docu…

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