The dead contact us through dreams

Ránargata 12 is the first house with a red roof on the right. Across the street on Ránargata 13 was the home of Iceland's first President, Sveinn Björnsson. His father (a devout spiritist), Björn Jónsson, started a printing company in their home. It was to become Iceland's largest printing company, Ísafold. Sigmundur Guðmundsson from my blog about Bankastræti was its main printer.

 On a sunny, crisp January morning in 1942,  Unnur Skúladóttir walked around Tjörnin, the pond in downtown Reykjavik, before work. She loved breathing in the chilly fresh air. It was almost 9:00 a.m. and she started walking towards her job. She worked doing the  light baths at  Miðbæjarskóli which was the inner city elementary school next to the pond. 

She could clearly feel someone lingering over her left shoulder, but when she turned around there was no one there. She didn't mind the presence, it actually made her feel good. As she went about her day at work, the presence never left her side.

After her work day was over, she walked home feeling the presence hovering over her shoulder the entire way. When she got home to Ránargata 12, the presence followed her inside. This is also the place she lived when a spirit followed her to the cemetery. See my blog on the story here

Now when she was home, she had the chance to focus more on communicating with the presence. She decided that bedtime would be a good time, so right before bed she focused intensely on the spirit hoping she'd dream about it.

Miðbæjarskóli by Tjörnin (the Pond) in the middle of Reykjavik city. Photo by Jabbi

 The morning after, she woke up disappointed she hadn't had the dream she so desperately wanted. For several days she felt the presence tagging along as her constant companion. There were times she could feel the presence so strong that it was almost like she could see the spirit. 

All she had to do was to remove the thin veil and there it would be. At one point she considered contacting a clairvoyant to find out who this spirit was, but never followed through with it.

The school in the distance on the other side of the pond in Reykjavik. To the right is the Free Church and Hallgrim's Church can be seen in the distance.

One night while lying awake in bed, she felt herself being pulled out of her body. All of a sudden she was standing in an open field. The field was enormous and stretched out far as eye could see. On this field she saw two roads. One was wide and flat, while the other road was narrow and bumpy. Unnur chose the wide flat road.

As she walked on the road she saw people in small crowds. They were loud and rowdy. They appeared to be working, but she couldn't see any tools. Further ahead on the narrow and bumpy road, she saw a short skinny man. It was almost like he was without ligaments. 

She watched him nervously, fearing he'd fall any moment. She was right to fear, because a moment later she watched him fall down. She ran over to help him get back up. In that very moment the surroundings became brighter. In the brightness a beautiful young woman about twenty years old, appeared next to her. She was petite with dark complexion. The girl smiled. It was such a warm and loving smile.

The girl looked at Unnur and told her she was so happy to finally reach her. She had been trying for so long. Unnur didn't recognize the girl and asked her if she was the spirit that had been with her recently. 

The girl confirmed and explained that she was the little girl from Greenland she had helped. She never forgot how Unnur had made her feel that day. Unnur knew now who it was and asked her if she had passed on. The girl answered she had died the previous fall, but wanted to thank Unnur for what she had done for her. With that the girl and the surroundings disappeared and Unnur woke up in her bed.

Ránargata 12

The story of the little girl from Greenland began 17 years prior in August 1925. At the time Unnur was living with her husband, Dr. Halldór Stefánsson in Ísafjörður. A Danish ship was sailing from Greenland and stopped by in Ísafjörður for a few days. On board the ship were several Eskimo families. Some of them appeared extremely poor, so every day the Ísafjörður residents would go down to the ship bringing gifts for the Eskimo families. Unnur was one of those bringing gifts to the families.

One day when she arrived down at the ship she saw a little Eskimo girl, about six years old, sitting on a wooden box crying. She was wearing brand new leather pants and a raggedy old dirty shirt. Her face and hair were filthy. It looked like she hadn't been cleaned in a long time. 

Unnur walked over to her and tried to comfort her, but she couldn't understand what the girl was saying. Unnur headed over to the captain of the ship and asked him if he knew what was wrong with the girl. He explained that her family and the others had gone out into the woods, but because she was so filthy and raggedy, she couldn't go with them. 

Unnur asked the captain if she could take the little girl home with her. He couldn't allow that. But then he smiled and said he could pretend he didn't notice her taking the girl.

Unnur took the girl home with her. Once there she gave her a bath and scrubbed her from top to toe. The girl's beautiful black hair glowed. She trimmed her hair and gave her bangs. She then tied a red ribbon in her hair and dressed her in a green sweater and a pretty hat. 

The girl enjoyed the delicious food they offered her. After eating, she played with the toys and listened to the family play instruments. She seemed to be loving every minute of the visit. The same evening, Unnur brought the girl back to the ship where the parents were waiting for her.

Unnur was certain that when she met the girl again almost 20 years later in her dream, it wasn't just a vivid dream, but that she had appeared to her very much alive. She also believed that in order to make contact with the girl, she had to help the poor man.

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John Harvey Kellogg


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