On the night before December 17th, Bowl Licker, the sixth yule lad, comes to town. 

Askur, is the name of food bowls people used eat out of back in the day. These were wooden bowls with hinged lids. When people were done eating, they would put them on the floor or under their beds.

Bowl Licker (Askur Licker) sneaks into homes and hides under children's beds, waiting for them to put their bowl down. At first chance, he snatches the bowl and licks it clean. These night time desserts sure are delicious!

Haukur Valdimar Pálsson

Bowl Licker returns home on December 30th.

translation by Hallberg Hallmundsson

Bowl Licker, the sixth one,
was shockingly ill bred.
From underneath the bedsteads
he stuck his ugly head.

And when the bowls were left
to be licked by dog or cat,
he snatched them for himself
- he was sure good at that!

The Bowl Licker verse

Bowl Licker arrived rather late
as people were sitting down to eat.
Nothing pleased him as much as when
fussy children didn't finish their food.
A leftover fan, Bowl Licker sneaked in
and thoroughly cleaned all the bowls.


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