About Me

Born in Iceland, but having lived abroad for several years, has sparked a longing to feel closer to my roots.

I visit my family and friends in Iceland every chance I get and each time the country's energy draws me in. It is hard to ignore this deep mystical feeling of otherworldliness, so I decided to embrace it. 

Ever since I took my first step in this direction, I haven't looked back. This has been such an extraordinary journey that it has to be shared with those who are willing and ready to listen.

My goal is to rediscover Iceland's mystical history and its people. 

In order to get the most vivid experience as possible, I have made sure to make it into a sort of a tour, so the reader can travel to the places where the stories occurred.  

Each historical account has a specific location to visit and be photographed. The locations have been tagged for you on both GoogleMaps and OpenStreetMap.

I hope you enjoy my mystical journey.

Elísabet R. Viðarsdóttir


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