You are about to embark on an otherworldly journey of the Icelandic people and their culture. The indescribable feeling people experience during their visit, have made many of them return to the island again and again.

 "My last two international trips were to Iceland. My sister didn't understand why I wasn't visiting somewhere else and returning to Iceland. I told her if there's something you want to see, do it before you visit Iceland or you may never make it." Barry Williams

What is it about Iceland that draws people so strongly? After all, it is one of the most expensive places to visit. There are many right answers to this questions. Each individual has their own unique way of experiencing life. One thing all the answers have in common, is that they receive these experiences in Iceland. The sites may sometimes appear ordinary, but once you are there, you realize that for some odd reason, you feel different, as if there is a deeper existence to everything.

I just want to keep coming back. Partly to visit new areas, partly to revisit places I love. Margaret Thorson

The unique, otherworldly conditions in Iceland reconnects people with something unseen. You feel it when you are there, there's no doubt about it. There is another aspect of this strange energy people feel that is rarely explored. This is the extraordinary culture and belief system of the people. Unfortunately, this aspect of Icelandic experience is about to be forgotten. 

I tried to explain it to my husband that it is a "different" feeling there. He said everywhere is different, I gave up trying to explain. Those that have been there know! - Melinda Yerdon

There seems to be some natural energy source that draws people back to the island, as if they are in need of recharging. Your experience here with me will be exciting and unique. I will take you on a journey through Icelandic towns and landscapes. You will read stories and see pictures of people, homes, streets and nature. All of them will have stories of otherworldly energy sources attached. I have pinned the locations of these stories on the map for you.

I recently visited Iceland 🇮🇸 and it stole my heart! ❤️☺️ In this chaotic world with Corona virus, Icelands beautiful nature gave me peace and energy! - Eva Fontijn

This blog is designed to be a free of charge historical tour guide for you. It doesn't matter whether you find yourself in Iceland, are planning a trip to Iceland or if you are an armchair traveler. Regardless of which category you fit into, the stories will bring you a surge of electricity giving you the experience of how there is so much more to us humans than meets the eye. 

I travel internationally every 6 weeks on average, so I’m not easily amazed. Iceland is amazing!! The places, the people, literally everything. Stay as long as you can afford, and it still won’t be long enough. You won’t regret staying longer - Mark Smith


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